Ando Hiroshige Plywood Prints

Wood block prints by Japanese ukiyo-e artists from the Edo period have inspired artists and designers for decades. The detailed wood block prints depict the beauty and traditions of Japanese life and landscapes of this period.

As an enthusiast of all things Japanese, I recently designed a series of prints on plywood that feature woodblock prints by the popular ukiyo-e artist, Ando Hiroshige. The prints are framed with Japanese inspired patterns that are printed directly onto a piece of plywood. The visual effect of printing on plywood provides an aged look that alludes to the Edo period and the woodblock artform.

The plywood prints come with hook holes on the back, ready to hang on your wall.

Plywood print featuring Hiroshige's 'Kasumigaseki' woodblock print.

Plywood print featuring Hiroshige’s ‘Kasumigaseki’ woodblock print.

Plywood print featuring Hiroshige's 'Yoroi Ferry' woodblock print.

Plywood print featuring Hiroshige’s ‘Yoroi Ferry’ woodblock print.

Plywood print featuring Hiroshige's 'Mount Fujiyama' woodblock print.

Plywood print featuring Hiroshige’s ‘Mount Fujiyama’ woodblock print.

Blending Styles

Blending Styles

When creating a space with an eclectic style you need to make sure it doesn’t end up looking a little mish mash. Just because the elements have a different style doesn’t mean that the conventional principles of interior design don’t apply.
It is important to decide on a specific colour scheme, focus on some of your favourite decorator pieces or flick through the latest interiors magazine for inspiration and make it work with your eclectic style.
Select fixtures and fittings with simple/true finishes that don’t compete with the selected scheme, like a vintage-style pendant light with an Edison type globe. This way the more permanent elements (such as fixtures and fittings) are more neutral and allow you to use decorative elements like paint, wallpaper, artwork and home-wares to re-style a space easily.

Wallpaper Wow!

Wallpaper Wow!

To use or not to use wallpaper? This is often a question which comes up just before we take on a new decorating project. The very thought of having to struggle with paste, lining up wallpaper sheets and the eventual task of removal, often leads us to opt for the humble paint brush. As much as I love freshly painted walls, there is always space for a little bit of décor drama.

Here is something that may help you make that bold statement without the fuss, adhesive wallpaper. It simply sticks to your wall, can be repositioned for perfect alignment and removed at a later date if you decide to re-style or move out!

Playful Plywood Prints

Playful Plywood Prints

Children’s rooms can be a challlenging space to decorate, on the one hand there is absolutely no shortage of toys, posters and bedspreads from which to choose. On the other hand you may not want the latest cartoon characters to define your child’s room. With this in mind Festoon Creative Spaces has produced a small collection of children’s plywood prints that provide plenty of colour and interest, inviting kids to create their own characters and stories.